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Patricia Walsh-Collins: Shared Teachings — Sacred


Don’t touch me. Back up! You are not welcome here! You may not attach yourself to me. Leave! You are not welcome.

I used to refer to them as “Time Bandits” because they stole my time, causing me to leap through unnecessary hoops, or run miles to no known destination. I learned to recognize them for what they are, parasites, devouring much more than my time.

There are those among us who threaten to co-opt, or steal our energy.

These freeloaders are disguised as co-workers, friends, even family members, who, hiding in relationship, selfishly consume your good will, intention and energy without reciprocity. These energetic barnacles latch on and live off the energy of others.

You know them. Unfortunately, you may even love them. Not intentionally vicious, but spiritually indolent, they are fearful of the personal work required to cleanse and raise their own energetic field. Therefore, they usurp from others. Their self-serving negligence causes harm. Their energy remains dense.

Like a moth to a flame, the lower, dense, frequencies crave the higher, positive vibrations. Positive energy is the light, the flame. This theft is damaging. It literally brings one down into denser frequencies, inviting adverse decision-making and circumstances to enter. It is a painful patrol, but one must be vigilant in these turbulent times of chaotic energies passing through the Earth. As these dense energies pass through the Earth, they pass through humans as well, unless thwarted.

Parasitic relationships are not new, but our current planetary transition, with its subsequent chaos, requires a heightened level of awareness. Trust your internal warning system. Congruence is a must! Are words and actions in alignment?

Gut instincts seldom misfire in parasite detection. Yet, due to our emotional entanglements, we resist and deny until we can no longer un-see what we have seen. We can no longer un-know what we know. This recognition is fraught with pain, but in a soul allegiance, we must defend our inner light.

So, no, you may not touch me. Do not approach me. You may not graze me with your dense shadow. I will resist you, push you off, and struggle to stand in my light. You will not take what is not yours. You will not steal from me. The Divine light resides within me, clinging to me as my greatest love, illuminating my field. Leave me. Mine is not yours. My light is not yours. I am sacred.

Patricia Walsh-Collins is a 39-year resident of Bucks County, with a 24-year career as a professional educator. She is creator and owner of Art of Spirit and Art of Spirit’s Earth School.

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