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Parliamentarians follow in Jefferson’s footsteps


The Parliamentarians of Bucks County announce their plans for a monthlong observance of Parliamentary Law Month via social media, which will conclude with a virtual event on April 30.
The guest speaker for the event will be Justice Lori A. Dumas, Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. “We are excited about our ability to bring greater appreciation of the importance of parliamentary procedure and good meeting governance to Bucks County, and to have the Honorable Judge Dumas join us on our first anniversary is an amazing accomplishment,” said Registered Parliamentarian and unit President Kamala D. Allen.
Parliamentary Law Month is observed nationally in April of each year by the National Association of Parliamentarians and other organizations devoted to increasing awareness of parliamentary law and procedures. Parliamentary law has been practiced since the 1800s.
The President Thomas Jefferson wrote the first manual of parliamentary procedure in 1801.
As stated in the Introduction of Robert’s Rules of Order 12th ed., “Parliamentary law is the name given to the rules and customs for carrying on business in the English Parliament.

These rules and customs, as brought to America with the settling of the New World, became the basic substance from which the practice of legislative bodies in the United States evolved.”
The Parliamentarians of Bucks County is a local unit of the national association and it conducts monthly educational workshops to help individuals and organizations understand and appropriately use parliamentary procedure. It welcomes those interested in parliamentary procedure and provides opportunities for networking, professional development and cultivating youth leadership and development.

For more information regarding attendance at an upcoming event contact the tech team at
Ellen Reaves, Levittown
Registered Parliamentarian

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