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Park’s name still eludes Solebury officials

“If we can’t name a park, then what can we do?” a supervisor asked rhetorically


What’s in a name?

That’s what the Solebury Township Supervisors were asking Tuesday as they tried to figure out what to call the new park at the former 12-acre flea market site on Route 202, a property for which they paid $2.35 million.

Chair Mark Baum Baicker recalled earlier naming efforts:

“(I suggested) it be named Solebury Park and that the park currently holding that name be renamed. After discussion, it was decided to send to the parks and recreation committee for their comments on two possible names: Solebury Center Park and Solebury Central Park.

“It turns out that they didn’t like either name and didn’t suggest an alternative. So it’s back in our court.”

Supervisor Kevin Morrissey noted the park at 6516 Lower York Road will not be named after a person and will have “Solebury” in the name. He suggested the board give the parks and recreation board three months to come up with name suggestions.

An incredulous Supervisor John Francis said he could not believe “a whole team of adults (on park and rec.) can’t figure out a name” in less than three months.

Francis then got the supervisors to agree to expect a name recommendation at its next meeting.

“If we don’t get a recommendation, then we’ll (the supervisors) name it,” Baum Baicker declared.

“If we can’t name a park, then what can we do?” he asked rhetorically.

In other business, the board received four proposals for professional design services for the Route 202 ex-flea market property and unanimously agreed to hire SALT Design Consulting.

The board also hired Thomas Comitta Associates, Inc. as a township consultant to complete the township’s Alternative Energy Ordinance and EV Charging Ordinance.

The supervisors also:

• Authorized acquisition of a conservation easement on the 12.98-acre Dietterich property at 6750 Phillips Mill Road;

• Appointed Barry Fetteroff as a voting member of the Environmental Advisory Council, where he previously served as an associate (non-voting) member. Fetteroff replaces Scott Blank, who has resigned.

• Approval was given for the township’s 2024 road program, which includes improvements at:

• Crack sealing and cape seal at Canal Walk development; Fox Run Estates (Fox Tail Court);

• Cape seal only at Marshall Lane, Ephross Circle, Logus Lane;

• Mastic Inlet repair (82 inlet boxes) and crack seal at North Pointe (all roads);

• Double tar and chip seal coat at Sawmill Road (between Aquetong and Street roads);

• Ultra-thin bonded wearing course paving at Taylor Lane.

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