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Letters to the Herald

Overdevelopment hurting Upper Bucks County’s beauty, infrastructure


As a member of a local cycling club, I have the opportunity to ride through bucolic Upper Bucks County. Unfortunately, the beauty is being spoiled at an alarming rate because of the seemingly unchecked rate of development. Overdevelopment in the county is leading to strains in infrastructure as well as strains on ecosystems and agriculture.

Maintaining soil and natural vegetation is crucial to clean waterways and critical for flood control. As more hard surfaces are built – roads and parking lots – runoff from storms increase leading to additional urban flooding.

Much in the same way development has led to degradation of ecosystems, agricultural land is also being lost. In the past 50 years, Bucks County has lost nearly 70% of its agricultural land.

Careful thought needs to be given before more development is pursued. Growth is not always beneficial. Growth should not have negative impacts on the environment nor the citizens who may be impacted. The growth in this county does not fulfill either of those requirements.

Dave Porigow, Hilltown Twp.