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Letters to the Herald

Minors should wait until they turn 18 for gender transition


Referencing the article by Freda Savana concerning the Rainbow Room (Hundreds support Planned Parenthood’s Rainbow Room, July 20), I believe there should be no bias against the transgender community.

But there is a huge problem with the age issue. There are currently young adults who are trying to re-transition back to their birth gender.

Decisions to use puberty blockers, hormones and surgery on underage children should never happen with or without parental consent.

Currently France, Sweden, Finland and the UK have applied the brakes to gender-affirming care for minors.

The human brain does not fully develop until age 25. This is a medical fact as stated by NIH, Duke University and all medical institutions. So how does anyone of sound mind think they are capable or mature enough to make such decisions at 10 or 11?

Al Troglio, Solebury

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