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Letters to the Herald

Message for Council Rock School Board


To Council Rock School Board members: Thank you for giving your time and attention to the matter of safety for our children in the coming school year at your meeting on Aug. 27. My gratitude to those of you who voted last night for full masking.
To those who didn’t, I have to wonder what motivates you. It’s certainly not the welfare of our children. Do you not see what’s going on all around you? Do you not believe that not only doctors and health workers, but people needing emergency care of all kinds, are being put at great risk by those refusing to comply with the safety measures recommended by experts against a highly communicable virus?

None of you are medical or scientific experts. But it seems that you are not advocates for our children either. Are your political interests more important than the health of my grandchildren? Because I cannot fathom that there is another reason that you would fail to do the very thing you have been elected to do.
Susan Setteducato, Holicong