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Guest Opinion

Media has mischaracterized campus protests


Unfortunately, the major media has characterized the current campus protests as simply involving bigotry, anger, harassment and violence, without recognizing that the thrust of all the protests is to stop the mass killing of Palestinians in Gaza.

Almost all the violence in the campus protests has come from the police and the anti-Palestinian demonstrators as they attack the mostly peaceful protesters.

Here’s the voice of Sandra Tamari ( giving a view of what happened to protesters at Washington University in St. Louis:

“Last weekend, my husband and I joined the anti-war encampment at Washington University in St. Louis to support students protesting their university’s complicity in Israel’s genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

“When the University called in armed police officers to violently break up what had been a very calm, even festive, gathering on the University lawn; my husband and I were both arrested.

“In addition to the arrest, my husband, Steve Tamari, a 65-year-old history professor, was also brutally beaten by four police officers for filming the arrests of students. Horrifying footage shows him slammed to the ground, then dragged away while his body remains limp, before officers callously drop him on his injured ribs with his hands tied behind his back.”

“Before he came home, my husband wrote from his hospital bed: ‘My ordeal…is a small price to pay for Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza, aided and abetted by the U.S. government…’.”

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