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McEwan lauded at last meeting as Solebury supervisor


Tuesday was Robert McEwan’s last meeting as a member of Solebury Township Board of Supervisors after serving out his six-year term.

“Thanks to the residents of Solebury for putting up with me for the past six years,” he said.

Chair Mark Baum Baicker admitted that “everyone who has ever served as a supervisor knows that completing a full term is not an easy undertaking.

“Six years is a long time for effectively a volunteer position that you first have to successfully go through the rigors of an election to even begin.”

As a parting gift, he presented McEwan with a certificate from the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors for his service and the township staff gave him a large box of chocolates.

“Robert has taken up a number of important causes along the way,” Baum Baicker noted. “Of course there’s the (New Hope-Solebury) library, whose cause he has championed since he started on this board...

“He has been the township’s point person on the Lower Delaware River Wild & Scenic Delaware Management Council, which has led to a just-completed National Park Service report on possible long-term measures to mitigate future flooding of the Paunacussing Creek through Carversville down to Lumberville.

“And the Emergency River Rescue Dock that will eventually be built at Hal Clark Park was largely the result of Robert’s efforts.”

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