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Letters to the Herald

Kudos to teens for taking stand on social media


The future is in good hands with teenagers like Max Jin, Luka Jonjic and Dylan Schwartz. The three Central Bucks South High School students recently worked with state Rep. Brian Munroe, D-144, to create legislation to protect children and youth on social media (“Central Bucks South students help craft social media bill,” Feb. 12).

On behalf of concerned parents and caregivers across Pennsylvania, I want to thank Max, Luka and Dylan for their work on this issue. The three stepped up where so many adults didn’t, thanks to a video they created for a CSPAN competition that shows the negative impacts social media can have on youth mental health.

I commend Rep. Munroe for being at the forefront of this issue and for taking a stand on behalf of teens and children across the commonwealth. We’ve known for a long time the impact that social media has on our children and youth. And while legislation like House Bill 2017 is critical to addressing the youth mental health crisis, we must combine legislation with education to best prepare future generations against the risks that social media poses.

Kids today grow up with screens around them, and we’re only now realizing the dangers this can pose. Thankfully, teens like Max, Luka and Dylan have taken a stand for their generation, and for the future. All will benefit from their advocacy.

Angela Liddle, CEO; Pa. Family Support Allliance

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