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Guest Opinion

Keep Tinicum, Tinicum by voting Blanchard


It’s that time of year when we as citizens of this great democratic nation are privileged to exercise an important right to vote for the best leader to serve our residents on the local level. In Tinicum, the upcoming election for Township Supervisor is Nov. 7, with the names of two “John” candidates on the ballot. One has experience serving our community as a previous supervisor. That’s John Blanchard.

The outcome of this election will have an important impact on the direction that our township will be taking.

Tinicum Township’s comprehensive plan aptly describes the special-ness of Tinicum as “a jewel in the crown of Bucks County,” further qualifying that Tinicum’s “critical environmental resources and irreplaceable historical and cultural land and buildings are most valued by residents, businesses, and visitors alike,” concluding that “only the highest standards of protection are sufficient to preserve them for future generations.”

Every resident survey conducted has shown that protection of our natural resources, especially water resources, and in particular, groundwater are of the highest priority. Simply put, “Tinicum is set aside as a treasure to be protected, preserved, conserved.”

A well-governed township is essential to maintaining the quality of our life and environment. Personal leadership is important. The qualities of a good leader in local government is someone who is dedicated to serving the public, responsive to community needs, and committed to making their locality a better place to live for all residents.

I am firmly convinced that John Blanchard is the right choice based on his experience and past performance as a Tinicum supervisor.

I base this decision after a thorough and complete review of the township’s records of minutes for 2016-2021, the term in which John Blanchard served our community as supervisor.

His contributions to Tinicum are impressive with respect to his accomplishments for natural resource and land preservation, having a solid record of advocating protection of our township’s natural resources through the passage of pro-conservation land ordinances and the gain of conservation easements (312 acres) during his tenure. Two significant achievements promoting land preservation included the adoption of the Land Preservation Incentive Program to encourage fully donated conservation easements, and revisions to the township’s guidelines and property evaluation criteria. Both actions promoted land preservation in a fiscally responsible way.

Our township public parks are important and John Blanchard’s efforts helped secure a significant grant award administered by the DNCR (Department of Conservation and Natural Resources) for $234,500 for the initial phase of improvements for the Ottsville Park.

Finally, supervisors as elected officials have two key responsibilities: 1) the public’s safety, health and security; and 2) fiscal responsibility.

John Blanchard has a proven track record of experience and outstanding performance as a former Tinicum supervisor.

On the public safety side, his three-month investigation of the efficiency of EMS response times resulted in dispatch routing modifications which significantly reduced delay times for our emergency vehicle — translating into lives saved. John Blanchard has served our community as a firefighter, EMT, a 911 fire/police dispatcher, and has served as a police officer for 25 years, currently serving as a K9 unit supervisor.

As a result of John Blanchard’s experience and commitment to ensuring sound fiscal policies, there were no increases in municipal taxes during his term. Specific actions under his leadership secured the financial well-being of our township including the adoption of a new Employee Health Savings Account (HSA) which was estimated at saving our township $60,000 per year, with no loss of benefits for employees. His support of the adoption of the Fire Tax Resolution requiring all fire companies to supply financial reports to the board of supervisors to ensure accountability demonstrated his commitment to transparent and sound financial decision making.

As the campaign signs in our community continue to grow, please take note of the few but, many message signs of John Blanchard — more than just the candidate’s name. My hope is that on seeing these John Blanchard message signs, you will be reminded of his remarkable leadership and give him your vote.

Perhaps his “Proven Experience” sign captures everything I’ve written, but I had to see for myself.

Kim Rosamilia is a biostatistician and epidemiologist. She is also the wife of sitting supervisor Richard Rosamilia.

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