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Karl Stirner Arts Trail Board of Governance imposes new restrictions to limit large crowds


Due to a recent uptick in out-of-town visitors to the Karl Stirner Arts Trail in Easton, new restrictions are being put into place.

“The Trail wishes to be a destination for art and recreation, but the crowds have grown so large that the space is unable to handle such numbers of people. The Trail was designed and built for walking, biking, running, and as an outdoor art museum. The intention was not to be used as a space for large picnics and gatherings, and lacks proper facilities to accommodate these uses,” reads a letter from the Karl Stirner Arts Trail Board of Governance.

“In order to control the amount of visitors we are seeing on the Trail, there will be new restrictions put in place. Starting Friday, the parking lots that are adjacent to the Trail are now closed to the public (these include the 13th Street lot).

“We understand those of you from areas surrounding the City of Easton will be most affected by this; we are sorry. For those living within the city limits, we ask that you plan to walk, run, or bike to the Trail or use your favorite alternate parking locations.

“You will also see new signage on the Trail prohibiting coolers, amplified music, picnic activities, alcoholic beverages, littering, and large gatherings. Please know the City of Easton will be enforcing these new regulations.

“The Trail’s greatest asset is the Bushkill Creek. In the summer it becomes a place for fishing, wading, and cooling off. With the City’s pools closed for the summer the creek is now more important than ever. While these activities are still welcome, know the depth and terrain of the creek changes constantly. For the safety of all, jumping off of any object into the creek is prohibited.

“Additionally, for those coming from or going to SILK, please know the new pedestrian bridge is currently closed to traffic and you will need to enter by foot at the 13th Street trailhead.

“Most importantly, the Trail will remain open for its intended uses. Please bear with us while we make sure the Trail continues with its mission and still meets the needs of residents, the public, and our neighbors. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation at this time.”

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