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Jean Childs Buzgo: “Beneath the Surface” opens at Silverman Gallery


Yardley artist Jean Childs Buzgo presents a collection of her newest paintings from Oct. 1 to 30, at the Silverman Gallery of Bucks County Impressionist Art in Holicong.

Join the artist for her opening receptions, from 5 to 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 1 and 1 to 4 p.m. the following weekend Sunday, Oct. 9.

Aptly titled “Beneath the Surface,” Buzgo’s upcoming solo exhibition showcases the layers of creation within each artwork and within the subject matter itself. She begins by using a base layer of multiple colors, incorporating both thick and thin dripped paint, followed by overlaying more detail and scraping down through to the original painted surface.

“For me it’s about diving deeper into my craft, exploring the possibilities of the unexpected first and letting my subconscious create what is pleasing to me. Then, I let the result of this first stage dictate my next direction, which is a more intentional planning of subject matter and composition. The pushing and pulling of this method of working with the left and right brain results in a final painting being based both in reality and imagination.”

Buzgo is inspired by walks in the local area along the canal path and time spent at the beach. She has incorporated mixed media such as acrylic, pencil, wax crayon, collage, and oil paint that results in a mix of depth and texture. She works on a wide variety of surfaces, including canvas, cradle board, birch and medium density fiberboard. She’ll rotate the canvases or boards as she is working to paint from all directions to enhance spontaneity.

“I work on multiple paintings at once and let the under layers sit for a while in the studio, and depending on which one resonates with me, that’s the one I pick up to work on that day,” Buzgo said.

“With each and every exhibition,” gallery owner Rhonda Garland remarked, “Jean has pushed herself to create something not just different, but something quite magical in its appeal. Custom framed by David Madary, ‘The Flowers Came Out to Play,’ ‘The Lilies as I Dreamed Them,’ ‘Morning Light,’ ‘Trees II,’ and ‘Coral Reef II’ are perfect examples of her new method of working.”

The Silverman Gallery is located in Buckingham Green, at 4920 York Road (Route 202) in Holicong. Call 215-794-4300 for information or to set up a private appointment. An online listing of Buzgo’s available work can be found at