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Jack Rosen Photos takes off internationally


Legendary New Hope photographer Jack Rosen died in 2006, and since then, his family has been endeavoring to preserve his legacy while establishing permanent outlets for the photographer’s massive body of work.
Several recent developments and upcoming events will now happily help to bring these goals into sight.
Spearheaded by Rosen’s son Rick and his trusty scanner, the drive to raise Jack Rosen Photos’ profile has begun in earnest. Starting with a longstanding presence on a variety of FaceBook pages, an online store ( was established earlier this year. The online store allows visitors to browse many of their favorite Rosen photos, and purchase the images in a variety of print styles, and/or on mugs, shirts, pillows, masks and additional items.
For many years, Jack Rosen referred to himself as “New Hope’s oldest streetwalker,” as he roamed town with 2-3 cameras in tow. Residents of Rosen’s New Hope hometown will once again run into Jack this fall, beginning at the River House at Odette’s.
The River House at Odette’s monthly Artist Series will feature a pop-up showing of selected Jack Rosen images from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 12.
Members of the community and hotel guests are welcome to join the socially distanced celebration featuring a special “meet and greet” with Rick Rosen. Guests will have the opportunity to purchase works of art directly from the artist with a portion of the proceeds donated to New Hope Arts, a nonprofit regional arts center dedicated to furthering the heritage of New Hope as a vital art center.
New Hope Arts will be offering complimentary light bites and a champagne toast. The River House at Odette’s is located on River Road at the southern entrance to New Hope and attendees are encouraged to RSVP by calling 215-862.2022 for discounted parking.

After the event at Odette’s, Jack will be hiking just a little bit up the road for the first of many planned shows at Arete Gallery, 122 S. Main St. in New Hope. The first show, drawn from a vast collection of Rosen’s photographs from The Doors’ first area performance in 1967, is set to open on Oct. 15, with appropriate festivities. Additional shows will follow and Rosen photos will be a part of the art on Arete Gallery’s walls on an ongoing basis.
Since its opening late last year, Arete Gallery has effectively made itself into a growing part of the area art community. The gallery was established by the team at Sahl Communications Inc. with the purpose of showcasing artists whose work elevates humanity while shedding unique light on the issues of today. Pairing Jack Rosen’s sensibilities and ethic to those of Arete Gallery is a logical thing to do, and the match shows great promise.
On the national and international front, contact with and ongoing counseling from photographer, director, publisher, and consultant Lawrence Schiller has enabled Jack Rosen Photos to establish a relationship with Getty Images, the world’s largest and most widely distributed digital image database.
The relationship ensures that a significant portion of the overall Rosen body of work - that which becomes part of the Getty collection – will be archived, searchable, and accessible worldwide.
Rick Rosen is gradually scanning and cataloging his way through over three-quarters of a million of his father’s images as selectively as possible, a task he knows it will be impossible to complete. “It is crazy work for sure,” he notes, “For the foreseeable future, there will still be more of my father’s photos waiting to be seen, but with each scan, ‘new’ Jack Rosen photos are being rediscovered and brought back to life.”
“This gets Jack to the next stage, and I’m pretty sure he’d be both sardonic and, although he’d never admit it, pretty proud,” Rick says.