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Frankenfield & Mill, Buick Dealer


The Buick car dealership of Frankenfield & Mill, located at 263 N. Main St. in Doylestown, was founded in 1948 by George T. Frankenfield (1923-2015) and Lloyd H. Mill (1905-1994). Near the corner of North Main and Lacy Avenue, the building covered over 8,000 square feet and contained showroom, offices, shop, parts room, and car wash. There, a customer could purchase a new Buick Special, LeSabre, Electra, or other Buick model.
An ad in the Intelligencer in March 1948 read, “It’s an organization headed up by men who know cars – and Buicks in particular – from tire tread to Turret Top.” They sold “Buicks that match superb beauty with the greatest engineering advances of the year – including the Vibra-Shielded ride and the fabulous new Dynaflow Drive.”

In 1961 Messrs. Frankenfield and Mill combined for a total of “over 45 years of Buick experience.” Their dealership continued on until 1969 when the principals sold the building to Jack Thompson and Robert Allen who operated a Toyota dealership there until 1978. Multiple businesses subsequently occupied the structure until its demolition in 2021. Today it is the site for an anticipated 59-residence building, constructed by Arcadia Land Company, which will offer “Doylestown Borough’s first community of luxury rental flats.”