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Letters to the Herald

“He’s not Trump” isn’t a good enough reason to support Biden


A recent guest opinion poses a question that requires a response (“For Trump supporters, what would it take?” April 11).

The opinion itself is well presented and reasoned from a certain perspective and point of view, and free of the usual hyperbolics concerning the former President that one would expect from legacy media and cable talking heads.

But it fails to make a positive or coherent statement — or even a sentence — on why one should support the current incumbent.

For all the narrative on Donald Trump’s legal challenges the opinion fails to give a reason why a potential Trump voter could or should vote for President Biden. As if President Biden, his party, and supporters are somehow innocent bystanders or passive observers of the deep polarization and toxicity of the electorate.

I suppose at the end it only offers an at-lease-he’s-not-him argument. That’s not good enough. If current polling is any indication, I am not the only person to come to that conclusion.

But to the question of what would it take. The answer starts in respectful dialogue and engagement, with those with whom you disagree.

The opinion falls into the same trap of lumping Trump the person, his personal flaws and behaviors, in with his supporters, the basket of deplorables who can’t see the man for who and what he really is.

Start there.

Also acknowledge and come to terms with the fact that the Democratic Party suppressed alternative voices and people in its own party to nominate likely the only human being in America who could lose to the former President. And likely will.

That’s on them.

Peter Gregory, Chalfont

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