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Letters to the Herald

Here’s a good reason to vote Democrat


President Biden has organized a coalition of nations that are intent on preventing Vladimir Putin from taking Ukraine by military force, out of concern that if Putin is successful there, the rest of the former Soviet bloc countries will face the same fate. That coalition of democracies has committed to supporting Ukraine with weapons, ammunition and the resources to rebuild. Some Republicans, on the other hand, are hesitant to spend any more to aid Ukraine.

The coalition’s aid to Ukraine has been so successful in helping them repel the Russian aggressors, that some Russian officials are already looking ahead to next year’s presidential election in the United States, hinting that a Republican victory could turn the tide of the war to Russia’s favor.

Dmitri A. Medvedev, the former Russian president and the vice chairman of Mr. Putin’s security council, said in May that “the main thing” was that President Biden not be re-elected.

Former President Donald J. Trump, who is the early front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, “is a good guy,” Mr. Medvedev said, and, “historically, it was always easier to work with the Republicans.”

Isn’t that reason enough to vote Democrat in November 2024?

James A. Morano, New Britain Township

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