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Letters to the Herald

Govern. Forget TikTok


While policymakers argue over banning TikTok, many of us are suffering from real-life issues. We are frustrated and feel voiceless.

Many within Bucks County have family members in the military who may not get paid if the government shuts down.

The cost of living has gone up exponentially and many young adults like me are unable to afford rising rents or the cost of gas — let alone become homeowners.

Our lawmakers are focused on banning TikTok instead of prioritizing crucial issues that impact our lives. It is a waste of time and taxpayers’ money to focus efforts on trivial issues. If this is allowed to go through, we really will be left voiceless.

TikTok has served as a means of income and opportunity for millions in our country.

Lawmakers must end the unnecessary focus on TikTok and get back to making meaningful changes that will help people move toward their futures.

Savannah Heidrick, Warminster

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