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“Golden Slumbers”


I am dreaming of golden slumbers

And seeing my friend, “hey Jude!”

I am dreaming that Eleanor Rigby will notice me

On that day, oh! Here comes the sun

It is something about her

That makes me come together

And give all my loving to her

I would roam the streets chanting

Ob-La-Di! Ob-La-Da!

Oh Eleanor, I want to hold your hand

In five years I could tuck our girls in when they tell me “I’m so tired”

And tell them,

“Martha my dear, Julia, Lucy in the sky with diamonds

When I’m Sixty Four I will still love your mother

The blackbird sings good night, sleep tight”

But dreams and golden slumbers were yesterday, today I must carry that weight

“you’re going to lose that girl” Jude tells me

“Let it be,” he says, “it’s only love”

But to me, Eleanor, you are love.

And sometimes, all you need is love

Lily Chacko resides in Iyland and is a sophomore in high school. She enjoys reading, writing stories and poems, and playing the violin. Ever since she was young, Lily has loved writing poems, and filled her empty notebooks and journals with lyrical poems.

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