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Glencairn Museum offers educational resources online

While families and teachers look for worthwhile activities to occupy young people during social isolation and stay-at-home orders, Glencairn Museum is adding to its virtual activities and making them available for free to download and share on its new Educational Resources page,
Glencairn Museum, a National Historic Landmark and part of the Bryn Athyn Historic District, houses a collection of religious art and artifacts from around the world and serves as a museum of the history of religion. Built in the Romanesque style between 1928 and 1939 by Raymond and Mildred Pitcairn as their family’s home, it was later developed into a museum.
Before the pandemic temporarily closed its doors to the public, Glencairn regularly offered tours of its tower, six floors of family rooms for glimpses into the Pitcairns’ personal life and galleries depicting world religious history; it also presented exhibitions, workshops, concerts, seasonal programs and various educational experiences especially popular with school classes and home-schooling families.
“While Glencairn Museum is closed,” said Amy Glenn, Educational Programs manager, “and unable to host families, teachers and students in person, we wanted to provide a little virtual taste of our building and collections.
“Whether you have already been to Glencairn, were planning a visit this spring, or are looking forward to coming when we reopen, these resources provide opportunities to explore our building and unique collections.”
The materials cover topics connected to the museum’s current programs and collections, such as life in the Middle Ages; ancient cultures including Egypt, Greece and Ancient Near East; and the historic two- and three-dimensional artwork displayed at or built into Glencairn itself.
“With up-close views of objects and special activities for different age groups – and new items added regularly – the resources help to build understanding and foster empathy as young people learn about the beliefs and practices of human beings throughout time.”
Glenn reports that early feedback from teachers shows that these are the sorts of hands-on resources they like their students to be engaged in. She invites parents, teachers and students to contact her if they have questions about the materials or about ways to visit Glencairn in the future: Amy Glenn, Educational Programs Manager, 267.502.2962,