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George Point: Book Talk! Books to share at story time


Now that longer nights and cooler weather are upon us, here are four books you might want to share with the youngsters in your life, at bedtime or any time.
First up is “Everybody in the Red Brick Building” (Balzer + Bray) from debut author Anne Wynter and Caldecott Honoree Oge Mora, a fresh, urban take on bedtime stories in the spirit of “The House That Jack Built” and “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.”
Everybody in the red brick building was fast asleep. Until… WaaaAAH! Rraak! Wake up! Pitter patter STOMP! Pssheew! A chain reaction of noises wakes up the children (and a cat) living in the apartment building. But it’s late at night, so despite the eerie disturbances, the building’s inhabitants return to their beds, one by one – this time with a new set of sounds to lull them to sleep. For ages 4 – 8.
Next, from author Elizabeth Warren (former presidential candidate and senior senator from Massachusetts), author of a dozen books, including two national bestsellers, comes “Pinkie Promises” (Henry Holt and Co.).
Polly knows she’s strong and capable. But whenever she offers to help her uncle or brother or neighbor, they tell her “That’s not what girls do.”
Then one day, Polly goes to a rally to meet a woman who’s running for president, and they make a pinkie promise to remember all the things that girls do. Polly carries that promise with her at school, onto the soccer field, and even into an election for Class President! This inspiring story will encourage young readers to dream big. For ages 4 – 8.
From author/artist Matt Phelan comes “Sweater Weather” (Greenwillow Books). The air is crisp, and the leaves are bright; it’s the perfect autumn day to enjoy the outdoors. Papa Bear instructs his cubs to put on their sweaters, and patiently waits downstairs.

When he checks on them, he learns that getting ready is no simple task. But even if this lovable bear family misses out on their planned outing, the evening sky still holds a beautiful surprise.
A hilarious and warmhearted ode to fall, patience, and knitting, Phelan’s rhythmic, repetitive text and his warm, expressive watercolor paintings are both humorous and rewarding. Brimming with laughter and love from this large bear family, “Sweater Weather” is an irresistible choice to curl up with during story time, no matter what the weather is. For ages 4 – 8.
Last but not least, author Scott Rothman is back with “Return of the Underwear Dragon” (Random House Studio), his sequel to the hilarious picture book “Attack of the Underwear Dragon.”
After brave Sir Cole saves the kingdom from the destructive wrath of the Underwear Dragon, he has the startling realization that the creature wasn’t attacking because he was disobeying the signs that said not to – he simply couldn’t read the signs!
Sir Cole sets out on another valiant quest. This time it isn’t to conquer the Underwear Dragon, it’s to help him learn to read. But it’s hard to teach a fire-breathing dragon to read a book, because he innocently sets them on fire. When the Underwear Dragon finally succeeds, Sir Cole presents his star pupil with the perfect gift – gigantic alphabet underwear! For ages 3 – 7.
Special thanks to the Doylestown Bookshop ( in Doylestown for their assistance in preparing this edition of Book Talk!. Stay safe, and remember that “It’s always better with a book!”