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Future Ready Index shows Centennial School District making significant progress


Five of six Centennial School District schools are meeting or exceeding state growth targets, district administration reported to the school board following the Nov. 8 release of the Pennsylvania Future Ready Index results by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

One of Centennial School District’s approved goals is “To have all schools annually meet or exceed all of the statewide average(s) or growth expectations outlined in the PA Future Ready Index.”

Over the past several years, Centennial School District has embarked on significant changes that have included but are not limited to changing the district calendar to allow for more instructional days before the state assessments, implementing a new data warehouse to support data-driven decision-making, aligning the core academic programs to the PA Common Core Standards, utilizing local-level diagnostic assessments, providing robust professional learning focused on the Science of Reading, investing in human capital: instructional coaches, specialists, and coordinators.

Overall, the school district results showed:

– 89% of the growth measures met or exceeded the standard and demonstrated growth

– 61% of the growth measures exceeded the standard and demonstrated growth.

According to PDE and the PVAAS information, growth equals current achievement compared to all prior year achievements.

During the meeting, the administration advised that while these results show very positive student outcomes as a result of the changes that have been occurring, PDE provides some caution because “Instructional delivery, student participation, school staffing, and pupil transportation were impacted to varying degrees during and after the pandemic. Due to the exemptions issued to students when exams were waived in 2019-20, schools may display an insufficient sample or a substantial or unusual change in assessment proficiency. These waivers will impact numbers for reporting through at least 2024.”

“We are pleased to see these positive results and celebrate the progress our students and staff are making toward improving our student outcomes,” said Superintendent Dr. Dana T. Bedden. “We recognize the importance of demonstrating growth each year, ultimately leading to improved achievement. While we have a significant focus on growth, we are still monitoring achievement results compared to the statewide interim goal/improvement targets. CSD had 56% of the achievement scores above the statewide average. We are on a journey to a good, better, and the best version of ourselves.

“Our focus communicated this year during conversation is fidelity with flexibility using the definition articulated by Dr. Clay Cook from the University of Minnesota, who said, ‘Think of fidelity as defining the lanes or boundaries of professional practice, we are trying to stay within, while flexibility is what we do with those practices to bring the practices to life in an engaging and equitable way.’”

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