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Letters to the Herald

Fitzpatrick leads women backward


I had a mother, God rest her soul, who in her lifetime suffered often from the systemic social barriers that confronted women of her generation. I saw that needless pain firsthand.

But as I grew up, I saw change for the better and heard the catchphrase “You’ve come a long way, baby.” Indeed my wife and daughter believed they were on that modern journey to greater freedom and equality.

I was recently blessed to have a healthy granddaughter. But I am disgusted and fearful that she may have to journey backward to a time of a painful second class status.

A backward Republican misogynistic ideology threatens to take away women’s freedom and equality and force women to be dependent instead on old white men to order them what to do with their bodies.

Congressman Fitzpatrick is one of those men who know nothing about women and yet wants to control them.

Voters in District 1, please don’t let him lead women the wrong way back to a time of a painful and subjugated status. Vote for Ashley Ehasz for Congress, a war veteran, who fought for the freedom of all people and will vigilantly defend the right of all women to continue on their rightful journey to full equality in a modern, not backward, United States of America.

Steve Cickay,  Newtown