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Letters to the Herald

Fetterman and Casey should help Girls LEAD


In ory, it is expected that everyone, regardless of gender, is to have access to our national educational systems. However, there is no doubt that there are large disparities in education between the genders on a global level. Schooling is not always accessible for young girls in different countries around the world due to a variety of reasons.

The recent coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated these difficulties, forcing almost 743 million girls out of school. This lack of education prevents girls from becoming involved in public-sector decision making, creating inequalities in the correct representation of inhabitants of international nations.

Therefore, I urge John Fetterman and Bob Casey Jr. to support This bill, known as the was written to, “increase adolescent girls’ participation in democracy, human rights and governance,” on an international level. This will be completed by providing assistance for female civil-engagement programming, monitoring foreign programs for accountability, and addressing barriers to female education. It is integral that our senate members join in the fight against international gendered educational disparities. If you agree with this mission, contact your congressional leaders to show your support.

Hailey Dooley, Borgen Project Ambassador, Doylestown