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The Poet's Corner



Your kitchen,in grey hesitant light— coffee, French bread, goat cheese

served on blueunmatched china.

Breakfast is simple

as always.We eat quietly.

The hiss of the espresso pot

intersectscareful conversation.

The local radio stationplays a rebroadcast of energetic klezmer music

which you heardTuesday night in an auditorium of mostly older Jews,

a warming feelingof community, you say.

A stack of New Yorker magazines,

months of them

piled up on the bench next to me.

You wonder whether to read the poems.

We almost touch,

both of us reaching for the knife. I feel the heat of your arm.

The moment waits, wanting

something more,

but it passeslike the morning sun—all potential.

It blooms into the day,

becomes cloudy and uncertain.

“Fade” was previously published by Sanskrit Magazine.

Robbin Farr is a poet and essayist living in Doylestown. She is the editor of River Heron Review, an online poetry journal and provider of writing workshops. Robbin also volunteers for the regional arts council, Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County, where she helps to support literary arts programming. Her work has been published in numerous journals and in her book Become Echo, released in 2023. Reach her at

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