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Doylestown Health “beaming with pride” as it raises steel beam for new Children’s Village


Doylestown Health celebrated a milestone in the construction of its new Children’s Village Nov. 14, when it raised the commemorative steel beam of the new early childhood education center.

Donors, local officials, stakeholders, children, families and staff of Children’s Village gathered near the construction site to mark the special occasion.

The presentation included comments from Jim Brexler, president and chief executive officer of Doylestown Health; Marianne Chabot, chair of the boards of Doylestown Hospital and Doylestown Health Foundation; Barbara Hebel, vice president of human resources of Doylestown Health; and Jeanne Hubbard, lead benefactor of the project along with her husband, John Hubbard.

To honor the construction of the new building and to serve as a symbolic example of something wonderful created out of disaster, Helen Hammes, president of the Village Improvement Association, presented a wooden bowl carved by local artisan Lloyd Moyer, of Moyer Turnings, from a cherry tree that was felled by the same tornado that swept through the Doylestown Health campus in August 2020, damaging the Children’s Village building beyond repair. No one inside the building was seriously injured.

Also present were Kyle Melander, district director representing U.S. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, and Jack O’Brien, Doylestown Borough Council president.

Prior to the “topping off” ceremony, hundreds of individuals throughout the Doylestown Health community, including students, families and teachers of Children’s Village, signed the steel beam. At the program’s finale, students helped perform a countdown and yelled “Raise that beam!” as the steel workers hoisted the 35-foot structure up into the air and onto the foundation.

“...It literally ‘takes a Village to raise a Village.’ We are so grateful for the support of our boards and the investment of our donors..,” remarked Brexler.

The project has received more than $5 million in philanthropic support to date, and fundraising efforts continue. For information, including how to make a gift, visit

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