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Doylestown couple meet for Sunday brunch again

Freda R. Savana

Since moving to a retirement community nine years ago, Bill and Lola Fuller have enjoyed Sunday brunch together, sipping orange juice and dining on eggs and bacon. As it did so many things, COVID-19 interrupted that ritual.
But with pandemic restrictions easing, the long-married, and now vaccinated Doylestown couple met once again in their Wesley Enhanced Living dining room. It was a very happy reunion.

“After a year of spending time with each other through socially distant visits and video calls, it was so uplifting to see Bill and Lola to once again carry on their tradition of Sunday brunch,” said Karen Doler, enhanced living program manager at Wesley Enhanced Living Doylestown. “Moments like these lift our spirits and instill a sense of hope across our community. Residents and employees are excited as we continue on the journey to regaining a sense of normalcy in our lives.”

While Bill lives in Wesley’s independent living community, Lola, his wife of 72 years, lives in the health center. Over the past few months, they spent time with each other through socially distant visits and video calls.

The Fuller’s daughter, Ann Teschner, plays piano at religious services at Wesley and visited them during their brunch.

“We’re looking forward to carrying on with our Sunday brunch tradition,” said Bill. “We also look forward to seeing our daughter, Ann, play the piano again as church services resume at the community.”