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Dining Out: Quinoa’s new home opens this week


There is good news for fans of Quinoa on North Main Street in Doylestown who were sad to see it close last December. Starting tomorrow, they can find the same Peruvian and Mexican dishes they enjoyed, plus some new ones, at a new location.

Quinoa’s new home is in downtown Doylestown, at 54 E. State St., not far from the County Theater.

Jack Egoavil, whose family owns Quinoa, El Tule in Lambertville, N.J., and Lima Fusion at the Ferry Market in New Hope, said he already is hearing from Quinoa customers who are looking forward to dining at the new location.

Quinoa will continue to feature the Egoavil family’s homestyle Peruvian dishes crafted by mom Carmen and Mexican dishes crafted by her son-in-law chef Sahid Anguiano, while offering some new ones developed while the restaurant was on hiatus.

“We are keeping all the favorites,” Jack Egoavil said of dishes for the original Quinoa and El Tule. Those include carapulcra, a Peruvian stew made with Andean potatoes and pork; a ceviche trilogy; and a sizzling fajita trio featuring steak, shrimp and chicken.

New to the menu is one of the family’s favorite dishes, Grandmother’s Lentils. Seasoned with Peruvian spices, the lentils are slow-cooked and topped with pork adobo and salsa.

“I could eat this dish every day,” said Egoavil.

Also new to the menu is a homestyle chicken stew, Estofado de Pollo, which is served with rice and Peruvian yellow potatoes.

A dish called quinoa aeropuerto (airport) is a nod to a popular choice at Peruvian airports featuring chicken-fried quinoa, shrimp tortillas and a spicy garlic sauce.

The new dishes are part of a move to offer homestyle Peruvian and Mexican foods, Egoavil said. “We want to keep our homemade recipes and elevate them,” he added.

The new restaurant also will offer the soup menu that has become popular at El Tule, which features six kinds including a Mexican pozole, tortilla soup, butternut squash and Peruvian chicken and rice soup, Aguadito de Pollo. The family’s popular Peruvian hot chocolate also will be served at the new restaurant.

Quinoa is decorated in the bright colors familiar to customers of El Tule, which are used in hand-painted murals.

Before the decision was made to close the original Quinoa and open the new one, the Egoavil family was working on opening a restaurant outside Frenchtown, N.J.

Still in the works, that restaurant, located at the former site of DISH Catering, is expected to open this summer. It will have a hacienda style and offer extensive takeout.