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Dentist launches sleep apnea and TMJ treatment center

For decades, Dr. Beth Snyder’s dental practice has involved far more than cleaning bicuspids and filling cavities. As a believer in whole body health care, she has treated her patients for a wide array of unusual symptoms, from neck pain to headaches, that don’t immediately appear connected to dentistry.
As a result, hundreds of patients have found relief from painful TMJ disorders, and sleep apnea conditions, leading Snyder to establish her newest specialty practice – Sleep Better Doylestown. This comprehensive treatment center for sleep challenges allows patients to be diagnosed and remedied right there in the dentist chair in a COVID-safe environment.
{{AdGroup18}} As a former sufferer of temporal mandibular joint disorder (TMJD), Snyder understands the pain and sleeplessness this condition engenders. Through her vast knowledge and expertise, she knows how to adjust a patient’s bite and jaw position using the optimal oral appliance bringing much needed pain relief.
Similarly, Snyder uses dental-based oral appliances to effectively treat sleep apnea, without using a cumbersome CPAP face mask (a device hooked to an air pressure machine and worn overnight).
As the only diplomate of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine in the Philadelphia area, Snyder is uniquely qualified to treat sleep apnea and TMJD in her premier facility in Bucks County.
Also, in keeping with her passion for recycling and environmental sustainability, the office served as a drop-off point for out-of-date CPAP machines, over 50 of which have been re-purposed as personal respirators for health care first responders treating COVID-19.
Patients can visit and schedule a free telemedicine appointment.