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Christmas jars help residents in need


In December of 2017, members of the Stockton Presbyterian Church Book Club read “Christmas Jars” by Jason F. Wright, a book about a family that saved loose change in jars throughout the year and anonymously gifted families in need at Christmas time.

One member of the church suggested that the group do the same, and Christmas jars at Stockton Presbyterian Church was born. Jars were distributed, and more than $800 was collected. The money went to a few local families in need this Christmas.

“We didn’t even miss the money,” said Deacon Sally Horner. “It’s so easy; just put loose change in the jar throughout the year. And it made such a difference for some people in our community who needed a helping hand this year.”

The group plans to distribute Christmas jars this January, and expand the program. Those who would like to join the group can pick up a jar on Sunday, contact the group at 609-651-5128, or email the Deacons at

For information, contact Stockton Presbyterian Church at 609-651-5128 or visit