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Chatterbox: Back into the fire


We’ve spoken often about the advance warning America had about COVID-19, reference information and the knowledge of what was working in the battle around the world.

We also discussed how this nation handled our struggle fighting it, even with those benefits of warning, reference and strategies.

We’ve talked recently about how we claim to be the greatest nation on earth, but aren’t in many ways. We should have been better prepared to fight this virus than many other nations, which actually fared far better, faster than we did, per capita. The stats are available for anyone who wants to look at them.

We aren’t number one at much anymore – at least, not in a good way. However, even with our dismal statistics on many fronts, we will always rank at the top whenever it involves our people. Our people are the greatest on the planet as a single society. I love this nation for her people.

We’ve discussed before that just by being a nation comprised of peoples from around the world, we have some unique perks. First, with constant respect to the indigenous people, we must always remember that only the brightest and bravest ever venture to a new land in pursuit of what they seek. So, in that way, sojourners to the “new land” were the daring, the bold, the strong. Additionally, by benefiting from the cultures of the many, we homogenized into something new … that unique blend of so many becoming one society: American. Our history isn’t one of peace, fairness, or even kindness, but we are here.

When our nation’s leaders need to be called out on what they are doing that doesn’t work for America, her people, her image, or the goals and traits, of which we often boast, we call her out. We can, because we are Americans. When we criticize, seek improvements and make demands, we do it because we, the people, are the only ones who can.

We not only want the very best for her but we demand the best of her. Almost all Americans understand that we are a blended people and we can’t be American any other way and those people are of one single great heart. Unfortunately, the great heart of the American people rarely gets to the tainted head of American leadership.

Our leadership not only had more “heads up” time on this virus and its dangers than nearly every other nation on this planet, but we had the benefit of other nations’ response to the virus and their experience, however limited, of what would and wouldn’t work. We had the ability, time, talent and resources to manufacture what we needed, do what we needed to do, and provide for our people with the plentiful financial resources of this country which our leadership keeps telling us is the greatest on earth. The only blockade we hit was that very same leadership.

Greed and corruption’s defiance, beyond practicality, beyond common sense, beyond the very lives of the American people, created the monster we faced. That same defiance has just put us first in the world again: We are the first nation to go from the fire to the frying pan and right back into the fire. Open the economy. Close the casket.

We have often discussed here at Chatterbox that America has the financial where-with-all to do anything necessary, for any reason. President Trump boasted to the West Point graduates of new jets, helicopters and more, as he fights to further increase our military budget … but there’s no money to help our people? Oh, and how about those new bombers we just bought at over one half billion dollars each – but we can’t enable our people to stay home and end this plague?

Right now, while much of the rest of the world is, at least, ahead of this deadly virus and the ugly, painful, protracted death it brings, America continues to lead the world – in the wrong stat.

Right now, everything we have endured to fight this virus has been for nothing as our case numbers and death rates rise again, making mountains out of what should be mole hills on our national graphs.

Right now, our still undersupplied and over-exhausted medical professionals continue to fight their own personal, emotional, and psychological demons as they battle for the lives of the victims of this furious killer virus.

While our leadership fails us and with all America has to fight, this must be first; otherwise, little else will matter.