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Central Bucks schools to open classrooms

Central Bucks School District advanced the date to offer in-person classes to most elementary students whose families chose the traditional five-day option earlier this year, district officials said Monday.
Students attending Butler Elementary in Chalfont will have to wait until Oct. 26, “at the latest,” the district said, in an announcement.
“The district has secured the necessary staff to return to the three program models that families enrolled their students in this past July,” the statement said.
Secondary and elementary students who chose the hybrid option of having the week split between in-person and virtual classes will wait until as early as Oct. 1, depending on which group they are in, according to the district. Hybrid classes at Butler Elementary will not begin until Oct. 26, however.

The district’s before and after care program will again be offered starting Oct. 12, officials said. Programs at Butler will be delayed until Oct. 26.
Central Bucks had been scheduled to remain all-virtual until Nov. 11.
The earlier than expected reopening date came after the district’s school board unanimously approved hiring more than 30 staff members last week to fill positions at both elementary and secondary-level schools in the state’s third largest district.
With thousands of Central Bucks students starting their school year at home behind computers, school district officials said they hoped the new employees would help ease the staffing shortage that the district said was responsible for making the start of the year entirely virtual.
Besides long term substitutes, the district also filled three support staff positions and a head cheerleading coach and an administrator.