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Central Bucks Regional Police face challenges as virus hits its boroughs


With the COVID-19 pandemic closing bars and restaurants and stay-at-home orders keeping people from driving and gathering, police have seen an anticipated drop in disorderly conduct and criminal mischief calls and car accidents, said Central Bucks Regional Police Chief Karl Knott.

And, although some crime and crashes may be down, arrests for drugs, domestic violence and other matters are continuing in Chalfont, New Britain and Doylestown boroughs, the three communities the CBRPD covers.

“Central Bucks Regional Police Department will continue to respond to any crime in progress,” said the department, on its website. “Felonies and crimes against people will always receive an immediate response.”

Knott said the department’s “dedication to protecting our community is stronger than ever. We will continue to provide the same level of service albeit with precautionary measures in place.”

The department’s front lobby remains open and, as a live-scan booking center, CBRPD oversees fingerprinting and video arraignments for the county. Social distancing is being practiced and offenders and officers are wearing protective masks during processing, Knott said.

In an effort to further support residents in this crisis, officers called nearly 300 senior citizens, providing virtual well-being checks and asking if they needed food, medication or other services. None did, the chief said.

However, “they were thrilled to be called,” said Knott. “They felt comforted … conversations were upbeat and positive.”

Others who would like to have a senior citizen or other at-risk person called by the police for a well-being check can email the department at

The department’s patrol cars and offices are disinfected regularly and none of the 26 full-time and part-time officers have tested positive for the virus, Knott said.

“We are all extremely proud of our residents and businesses in the boroughs during this unprecedented time with state-mandated restrictions. Our community has complied in a manner that is commendable and CBRPD greatly appreciates your efforts,” said a statement on the department’s website.