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Candidates looking forward to November in Council Rock


As is predictable in school board primary elections, Republican incumbent Stephen Nowmos and Democratic challenger Nicole Peet Khan both won their own party primaries by sizable margins Tuesday, according to unofficial results.

With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Nowmos had 517 votes on the Republican side and Khan 137, while Khan took the Democratic primary with 752 votes to Nowmos' 47.

However, the fact that Khan took quite a few more votes on the Republican side than Nowmos did on the Democratic and outpaced Nowmos 889-664 in total votes could portend well for Khan in the November general election for Council Rock School Board Region 9, which includes all of Wrightstown and a small part of Newtown Township.

"Based upon the unofficial early results, I am thankful to see the support from both Democrats and Republicans, which reflects what I have heard while talking to voters," Khan wrote in an email to The Herald. "They want to see our schools and the school directors who are elected to stay focused on educational excellence.

"Voters don't want to use our schools, staff or our students as pawns in a political battleground and they certainly do not want us to become like some nearby school districts."

Khan lost by only seven votes to Republican incumbent Kristin Marcell in the 2021 election. Nowmos was appointed to the school board by fellow members earlier this year after Marcell resigned to devote her time to her new role as state representative in the 178th Legislative District.

Nowmos will serve only through the board's reorganization meeting in early December by virtue of the appointment. Whoever wins between Nowmos and Khan in November will then serve until the reorganization meeting in early December 2025, which constitutes the remainder of Marcell's unexpired term.

"Not concerned," wrote Nowmos in an email about Tuesday's unofficial results. "I think those results are expected. The goal of the primary is to get to the ballot in November. I concentrated on securing enough Republican votes to do that and was successful. From now until the November election, I will make sure all the constituents of Region 9 understand where I stand on representing them based on the values I presented during my interview for my current role."

Nowmos, a school board member in Bensalem before moving into the Council Rock district several years ago, listed those values as "One, doing what is in the best interest of all the students. Two, being fiscally responsible and three, assuring transparency within the schools to foster parental rights."

"Hopefully, the good people of Region 9 will hear the truth coming from me instead of listening to the misinformation posted on social media," Nowmos wrote. "I welcome an open dialogue with everyone regarding my values and decision making for my current position. Hopefully, my opponent will have the courage to campaign on positive values she'd like to see in the schools and for the constituents and not carry forward a negative narrative. Let's keep it positive because we all want what's best for the students."

Sizable wins by Republican and Democratic candidates in their respective primaries also set up November showdowns in five other Council Rock regions: Democrat Tracey Osecki vs. Republican Natalya Khavulya in Region 1 (all of Newtown Borough, part of Newtown Township). Democratic incumbent Mariann McKee has chosen not to run for reelection in this region; Democratic incumbent Ed Tate vs. Republican Jonathan Seamans in Region 2 (most of Newtown Township); Republican incumbent Joseph Hidalgo vs. Democrat Matthew Laskowski in Region 4 (part of Northampton); Republican incumbent and school board President Ed Salamon vs. Democrat Linda Stone in Region 5 (part of Northampton); Democrat Kimberly Winnick vs. Republican Anne Horner in Region 7 (part of Northampton). Republican incumbent Michael Thorwart is not running for reelection in this region.

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