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Bucks County Tourism Grant awarded to Gather Place Museum


Gather Place Museum, a nonprofit organization housed within the historic African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church in Yardley, in collaboration with Pennsbury Manor – William Penn’s Country Estate in Morrisville, announces the receipt of a Bucks County Tourism Grant.

This grant will facilitate the production and promotion of the upcoming Women’s History Month Show & Tell Weekends, events scheduled for this May. Registration is now open, and seating is limited. Sign up at

Gather Place Museum serves as a community hub, fostering collaboration between two significant historical sites. The program’s primary objective is to establish itself as a compelling tourist attraction, encouraging both local patrons and visitors from outside Bucks County to explore the region further, potentially by staying overnight in various accommodations throughout Bucks County.

The Women’s History Month Show & Tell Weekends, aim to celebrate and educate the public on the profound contributions of Pennsylvania’s founding women, pioneering women, and notable First Ladies of the nation throughout America’s history. These events will unfold over a couple weekends at two distinct venues, “promising attendees an immersive and enlightening experience.”

To facilitate attendance, Gather Place Museum will provide chartered bus services, ensuring seamless transportation between Gather Place Museum and Pennsbury Manor. This option seeks to make the events accessible and enjoyable for all interested individuals.

Shirley Lee Corsey, executive director of Gather Place Museum, expressed gratitude for the Bucks County Tourism Grant, emphasizing its crucial role in realizing the Women’s History Month Show & Tell Weekends.

“This collaborative endeavor with Pennsbury Manor perfectly aligns with our mission to celebrate diversity and educate the public on the remarkable contributions of Pennsylvania women, spanning from the state’s founding to our nation’s inception,” said Corsey. “We eagerly anticipate delivering an engaging and enriching experience for our community and visitors alike.”

For details about the Women’s History Month Show & Tell Weekends, visit

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