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Buck International Welcome Workplace receives FCP grant

Pearl S. Buck International has received a grant from Foundations Community Partnership (FCP) for the expansion of Pearl S. Buck International’s Welcome Workplace program.

“For the past four years, Foundations Community Partnership has supported Pearl S. Buck International’s development of intercultural education programs,” explained Laura Lomax, vice president of programs at Pearl S. Buck International.

“True to our mission of building bridges and changing lives, Welcome Workplace offers diversity and inclusion programs to education, banking, hospitality, law enforcement, health care clients, and other business sectors.”

To adapt to and understand changing demographics, Pearl S. Buck International’s unique and comprehensive programming provides cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills; and encourages empathy, collaboration and other prosocial behaviors/skills.

Thanks to the FCP grant, Lomax said, Pearl S. Buck International will have the “funding to create an online platform to increase access to training for large or dispersed organizations. This new delivery method will augment our in-person training to provide self-paced learning, convenience, continuity and tracking of professional development. We look forward to creating a challenging and engaging learning experience through our virtual program.”

Foundations Community Partnership is a nonprofit foundation formed to improve the quality of life for special needs children, youth, and families in Bucks County.

FCP endeavors to establish collaborative partnerships linking public agencies, nonprofit organizations, businesses, colleges, and young adults within the community. FCP awards grants toward those efforts to nonprofit human service organizations in Bucks County.

For information on Welcome Workplace and how it can benefit your organization, go to