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Letters to the Herald

Fitzpatrick should join effort to denuclearize


It has been chilling to once again hear of possible nuclear war. Something no one wants has been hinted at in press coverage of Putin’s war on Ukraine. As a long-time member of the Coalition for Peace Action, I too attended the meeting reported on by Debra Orben in last week’s Herald, “Challenge Our Leaders to Deescalate the Nuclear Threat,” and thank her for the clarity and accuracy of her report.

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick was asked to be the first Republican member of the Bicameral Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control Group. That’s a tough ask, to be first. But he is my representative and I am asking him to step up. I will be writing to him and other political leaders to support all efforts to use the sanity of diplomacy to end the insanity of nuclear threat.

Pat Ramirez,  Middletown

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