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Letters to the Herald

Blame Israel’s leaders — not all Jewish people


When I was just a kid my mother instilled in me a love of reading. When she finished a huge tome she would toss it to me. I devoured those books. Most of them were about the Holocaust. My young mind just didn’t get it. I could not wrap my head about the fact that people were being tortured, gassed and systematically killed simply because they were Jewish. I was so confused and horrified.

For the record, I am not Jewish but it has been my good fortune to have known, and still have, the most amazing, kind, caring people I call my friends that happen to be Jewish.

So, here we are years later — scores of people marching down our streets spewing hatred of Jews. Again, why?

What is happening in Palestine is being done by the government of Israel — not the Jewish people.

Joan M. Palestina, Northampton Township

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