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Guest Opinion

Biden should follow Trump’s lead and secure the border


Recently, President Biden announced his plans to bring fentanyl under control. Since taking office three years ago, illegal immigration and the poison fentanyl made significant inroads into destroying our society. For example, it is estimated since Biden became President, over 75,000 of our citizens have died from fentanyl overdose, many between the ages of 18 and 49.

Former President Trump contained both illegal immigrants and fentanyl with his policy of keeping them in Mexico. When Biden and his team took office, they scrapped Trump’s effective border policies.

It is estimated by federal authorities in the three years of the Biden presidency, more than 8 million have crossed the southern border into our country.

Our border has created both a serious humanitarian crisis and a national security threat. Today, thousands continue to cross into our country whereby the Biden administration provides them with services costing taxpayers $460 billion per year (according to a House GOP report).

Recently Newsmax held an hour-long program interviewing families devastated by fentanyl and the criminal activities of illegal immigrants. It was gut wrenching. The public learned how the lives of these innocent dead Americans impacted so profoundly their families, friends, and communities.

President Biden claims he and Chinese President Xi Jinping have negotiated a deal to reduce the flow of fentanyl into the United States. I fear this will be another broken promise as China wants to become the world’s Number One superpower, and an American society teetering on the brink of a massive illegal drug explosion fits China’s agenda.

However, there is a solution to fix the border crisis: Follow President Trump’s blueprint. Close the border.

Paul I. Clymer, of Sellersville, represented the 145th District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from 1981 until 2005.

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