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Baci 5K at Peace Valley Park to support Simon’s Heart


Sauers Cares, a nonprofit built on collaboration and community, partnered with Tony Husenaj of Baci’s Heart of Oak Pub back in 2020 to launch the first Baci 5K to raise funds and awareness for Simon’s Heart, a local nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of sudden cardiac arrest in kids and teens.

“I always had a love for running around Lake Galena three or four times a week; always timed it to be finished at sunset. I wanted to rekindle my love and do some good at the same time,” Husenaj said.

Once called “The Best Little Run in Bucks County,” the fourth annual Baci 5K, on May 23, is a family-friendly run through Peace Valley Park. Runner registrations are $30 and all proceeds from the event will be used to donate digital tablets to Simon’s Heart in support of their heart screening initiative.

Each year, Simon’s Heart collaborates with local schools and athletic teams to offer comprehensive heart screenings for students and student athletes. Students review family history and receive medical screenings, like vitals checks, auscultation to listen to their hearts, and electrocardiograms. At each station, volunteers and medical professionals use digital tablets to collect data to detect any potential heart disease and to provide each student a full report of their heart health.

Additionally, at these events, Simon’s Heart volunteers ensure that each student knows where the nearest AED is installed and how to use it. They also rely on the CPR Jukebox to help students learn what to do in the face of a crisis. Practicing with dodgeballs and a CPR mannequin plus a playlist of the perfect songs for hitting the 100-120 beats per minute required for ideal chest compressions, students gain the confidence to help a teammate or friend survive.

For information on participating in the Baci 5K or supporting efforts in the community, visit

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