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ArtYard presents living exhibition: “Going to the Meadow”


ArtYard in Frenchtown, N.J., presents “Going to the Meadow,” a living exhibition curated by Robin Hill and Ulla Warchol / BiolunarL, Sept. 15 to Dec. 30.
“Going to the Meadow” is a residency-based exhibition wherein distinct collaborative groups, consisting of four to five artists at a time, enact weeklong collaborations while in residence at ArtYard. It is one of two inaugural-year exhibitions in ArtYard’s new building.
The gallery space, the Delaware River Basin, the surrounding areas outwards to the palisades, and farmland surrounding ArtYard will comprise the artists’ sites of engagement. Invited participants with diverse backgrounds come from across the United States and work in an array of disciplines; painting, social practice, sculpture, installation, photography, and poetry among them.
The collaborative groups will engage in conversations, verbal and tactile, and will employ a curated set of materials to make their conversations visible. The results of their experiments will culminate in one large-scale, collaboratively-generated installation. During the three-month span of the exhibition visitors are welcome to observe the artists at work and play, as well as to engage with a study-based installation in the lower gallery.
“Going to the Meadow” prioritizes process over outcome, the collective over the individual, play over work. Artists will be encouraged to embrace success and failure equally. Not-knowing, spontaneity and collaboration will be the driving forces of the exhibition.

The exhibition is in itself, a conversation with the idea of the meadow — an open field or habitat naturally occurring and alternately self-sustaining or artificially created. Its deceptively complex ecosystem, composed largely of flora and fauna native to the region in which it is found, relies on only limited human intervention.
This intervention can come in the form of periodic maintenance, semi-tending, alternately cultivating, restoring and even abandonment. These are the metaphorical points at which the artists will begin.
Hill and Warchol will deviate from the conventional roles associated with curating. They will define their role broadly to include collaboration, facilitation, interpretation and translation of the artists’ visualizations.
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