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Art in the Garden in Flemington features two artists


Art in the Garden returns to Flemington, N.J., from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 3, with Featured Artists Barbara Clarin (acrylic) and Cara London (oil), at Flemington Free Library on Main Street.

Clarin’s painting style is greatly influenced by her love of photography, and she seeks to convey a peaceful mood of intimacy in her work. She enjoys painting in oil and acrylic, as well as printmaking, collage and exploring the possibilities of mixed media.

In her photography, Clarin records often overlooked objects and simple shapes; the result provides a discovery of interesting light and shadow combinations. The relationship between the subject and the viewer is an important aspect in her creative process.

London is a painter, printmaker and sculptor. The transcendent possibilities inherent in creating art compel her to speak in a visual language. “Her need to communicate through line, form, texture and color is overwhelming and quite beyond words.”

It’s a balancing act between control and accident, and the play of the material. She is not afraid of problems arising; on the contrary, she loves getting lost in a painting and having to find her way out. Ideally, she says “The end result is something of a surprise.” For her it comes down to the need to draw, the need to record, the need to make a mark, and finally, the need to communicate.