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Angel in Bronze


The soft beat of drums, the shuffle of feet,

There were thousands who waited and watched in the street.

Their beloved president was passing by,

Not a smile on their faces, only a muffled cry.

There were kings and queens in the city that day

And many from all walks of life came to pay

Their last respects to a man so great

Whom God had chosen to enter that gate.

Far beyond the sunset, the gates of heaven opened wide

And John F Kennedy passed inside.

With the turn of his head and a smile on his face.

He saw his family standing in their place.

A final salute by a little boy he loved.

To an Angel in Bronze — who is gone to his home above.

Heard only now — the beat of the drums.

Alice Elizabeth Morgan wrote many poems throughout her life. Alice lived in Ardsley in Montgomery County with her husband Ben. They raised eight children together. Alice felt compelled to write this poem after watching the funeral procession of President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 25, 1963. She passed away in March 1978. The poem was originally published in November 1963. Let’s honor the life, career, and legacy of President John F. Kennedy on the 60th anniversary of his death. Poem submitted by Alice’s granddaughter Anne Moser.

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