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Letters to the Herald

Always take the river road


I recently had an appointment at a friend’s home near Yardley. I followed the GPS instructions to take Taylorsville Road through Yardley and onto Big Oak Road. It had been a long time since I was in Yardley and I was delighted to see people bustling about their business to the stores and homes, which all looked mellow and friendly. I saw many vegetable gardens fenced in from the critters and blooming flowers and trees everywhere.

When I left to return to Wycombe, I took River Road all the way to Bowman’s Hill Road. There was no traffic at 2 p.m. and it felt like I was rolling through an enchanted green tunnel with the silver belt of the river gleaming on my right and the trees on either side of the road meeting overhead and swinging in a gentle rustling rhythm.

Whenever there was a little space to pull over to the river side I had to stop and savor the beautiful shining river, which looked peaceful but I could see it also occasionally was flexing its powerful muscle.

We have a mighty river, lush green plants everywhere now from the rains, rolling fertile hills, enough sunshine for all the food we need. I felt so grateful to be alive in our county today.

Always take the river road.

Jeanne Trivellini, Pineville

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