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Eight-year-old Teddy Tendler of Yardley raises funds for family service shelter


Teddy Tendler of Yardley ran a social media campaign that brought Family Service Homeless Shelter residents six laptops, six sets of headphones, a printer, paper and ink.

She launched her Facebook campaign during the last week of April as a service project for her Hebrew School and, recently, Tendler, along with her parents, Jared and Corey, presented the items of her success to shelter staff members at the Levittown facility.

“I chose this project because I love technology and I love helping others, it just makes my heart warm," said Tendler. "I wanted kids who didn't have computers, to be able to play the same online educational games that I get to at school.”

Julie Dees, chief executive officer of Family Service, said, “It takes a lot of work and dedication for an adult to run a successful fundraising campaign. The fact that Teddy was able to do such a beautiful thing for our Shelter residents, completely on her own initiative, speaks volumes about her, as well as her amazing family.” She continued, “At the Bucks County Emergency Homeless Shelter, we strive to make the experience for our residents as pleasant as possible during their stay. A large part of this is providing some comforts of home, like technology. This is especially important to the children, who often rely on computers for everything from education to de-stressing. We are truly grateful to Teddy for providing them with these wonderful and empowering gifts.”

Family Service Association of Bucks County is a non-profit social service organization with locations throughout Bucks County.