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Wrightstown Dunkin’ wants to revise agreed-upon landscaping plan


After a development process that encountered fits and starts, a new Dunkin’ opened in Wrightstown near the bustling “Five Points” intersection this spring.

Still, all the issues at the property haven’t entirely been ironed out.

Joe Young, a principal in the company that built the Dunkin’, recently spoke with the three-person Wrightstown Board of Supervisors that locally governs the township about landscaping challenges at the site on Route 413 near Route 232 and Park Avenue.

As part of the approval of Dunkin’s development plan, supervisors required the business to complete an extensive landscaping plan. However, issues said to be created by existing trees, vegetation, shading from trees on an adjoining property, and underground utilities are rendering it difficult to complete the approved landscaping. A reduction in the scope of landscaping was requested.

Supervisors took no immediate formal action on the request. Instead, they asked Young to bring back a written list of specific species and number of plantings that would be eliminated under a revised landscaping plan.

“Any approved reduction in landscape planting would require an equivalent contribution to the Township Shade Tree Fund,” said Supervisor Chair Chester Pogonowski. The fund helps with things like tree plantings and maintenance in the township.

Dunkin’ is the newer, shorter name for the Massachusetts-headquartered doughnut-and-coffee chain long known as Dunkin’ Donuts.

The Dunkin’ project in Wrightstown initially received land development approval from supervisors in 2021, but took years to come to fruition amid snags.

Hold-ups included a pause on construction that occurred as the developer sought and later received a variance that allowed for the installation of a water-tank-and-sprinkler system that’s smaller than what a local rule requires but, as officials determined, is safe and sufficient for this building.

Ultimately, the Dunkin’ opened this spring. The 1,800-square-foot location has a drive-thru and energy efficient features like LED lighting and low-flow faucets.

“The new Next Gen restaurant features a modern design that provides a fresh, friendly, vibrant, and engaging environment,” the company has said. “Complete with a new, warm interior color palette, the restaurant also offers atmospheric lighting…complimentary Wi-Fi, and an innovative tap system.”

Young reportedly owns nearly 20 other Dunkin’ locations.

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