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Letters to the Herald

Wrapping religious doctrine as an interview is not news


I was disappointed to see the article on page one of the Herald on July 14, essentially an editorial opinion preaching the anti-abortion position of the Catholic Church.

The Herald has always seemed judicious in limiting editorial content to its rightful place – the editorial page. But wrapping Catholic doctrine in the form of an “interview” does not convert opinion into news. And any argument that the intent was simply to address the Supreme Court’s decision would be disingenuous.

There was no mention of the name of the case overturning Roe (“Dobbs”), the principle of stare decisis, or the basis of the court’s decision. Opposing views, for example, advice to the church to pay more attention to the welfare of living children by dealing properly with pedophilia, would certainly be placed, if at all, on the editorial page.

Jim Kellett, Carversville