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Woodside Christian Preschool students pack snack bags for Caring for Friends


Students at Woodside Christian Preschool in Yardley spent the morning working hard for others in the community, packing snack bags for Caring for Friends.

For fifty years Caring for Friends has delivered free meals for homebound seniors and those facing housing insecurity. It is also the largest food bank in the Greater Philadelphia area.

During the season of Lent, the preschoolers were encouraged to help at home with chores like making their beds, picking up toys and setting the table for dinner. Families paid their children for the hard work done at home and each day the students brought in the money they earned. When the final collections came in, the school had raised $825. Staff used part of the money raised to buy items for 450 snack bags, and the remainder will be a financial donation to Caring for Friends.

Packing the bags in an assembly line, children added six items into bags for those in need. After going around five times, 4s student Kyle Masci from Yardley said, “Boy that was crazy and fun.” Chris Marks, Kyle’s teacher, said to the class, “Doesn’t it feel good to help others?”

Woodside has been doing this project with its students for over 26 years. “It’s really important for the kids to know that they are part of a larger community and that sometimes people need our help,” explained transitional kindergarten teacher Rebecca Tarrallo. “The kids are proud of their work, and using the money they earned to buy items for these snack bags is a very tangible result.”

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