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Letters to the Herald

Why do Reiss, Cormack support Vermilion? No one knows


In April, the Pennridge School Board signed a contract with Vermilion Education to consult on social studies curriculum. There has been strong public opposition at recent board meetings to both the contract and the proposed curriculum changes made by Jordan Adams, the sole employee of Vermilion.

Two Vermilion supporters, Dave Reiss and Bob Cormack, have been directly and repeatedly asked by their colleagues on the board and by members of the public to explain the rationale for their votes backing Vermilion. To date, neither has made a statement. This is unacceptable behavior by elected officials.

Constituents deserve to know why an individual from out of state, with no experience working in public schools, should be entrusted with a job that our teachers have done, and could continue to do, at a lower cost to taxpayers. According to former board president Joan Cullen, Adams has been paid approximately $6,000 per month since his hiring. His role is impacting content taught at multiple grade levels from K-12. His resources include the Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum, which is criticized as biased and full of errors.

If they are going to continue to defend the Vermilion contract and stand by the resulting curriculum, Reiss and Cormack must explain themselves to their constituents.

Katy Rene, Perkasie

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