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Letters to the Herald

Where will all these electric vehicles get their power?


Regarding the commentary titled “Detractors should embrace electric vehicles (June 8),” while the writer makes a fair number of valid points, he and the members of his fan club never answer a seriously valid question:

“Where is all of the electricity for charging the massive number of added vehicles to come from?” Many point to solar and wind, yet the knowledgeable persons with common sense know these sources will never be sufficient. Same for water. How about nuclear power? Those with good memories will remember back a few decades to when protest groups forced the closure of a virtually new nuclear generator up in Maine, based on fear of hazardous radiation from nuclear energy.

Already, we’re reading of predictions of potential brown-outs in places in the U.S. this summer because the power grid and the generating stations which feed it cannot keep up with demand. Just add on the charging needs for a million or two EVs, which will be coming in the years ahead.

While I’m seriously looking to replace my two “antique” gasoline vehicles with a single hybrid (which I personally believe is the most logical direction), I’m not ready to commit to an electrical, battery-operated form of transportation — at least until the EV promoters deliver an honest answer to this question.

M. R. Taylor,  Doylestown

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