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Wheelz2Work program removes a big barrier for job seekers

When a Bucks County Opportunity Council client was trying his best to land a job, his biggest barrier was not having reliable transportation.
The day after he received an older, but well-maintained Chevrolet Caprice station wagon through the community action agency’s Wheelz2Work program, the young man was working. That donation, said Eileen Albillar, the nonprofit’s volunteer and community connections manager, helped further their client’s efforts to become economically self-sufficient.
The Wheelz program, established in 2015, brings those who have unneeded vehicles in good condition together with those in need of a safe car, Albillar explained. By donating a used car, the person making the gift can be assured he or she has offered something that can truly be life-changing.
“I donated my car to Wheelz2Work program because I know people will work to move themselves out of poverty, if given the tools and opportunity,” said one donor. “I trust BCOC to use the resources they receive to help make that happen for people in need in the Bucks County community.”
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, BCOC has received four vehicles since it began here, Albillar said. Overall, the Doylestown-based agency has been given 64 cars, to date.
Many people in the agency’s case management program need decent transportation to meet their goals, said Albillar. “Sometimes, that’s their biggest obstacle.”
Jackie, a single mother, was struggling daily to figure out how she would get back and forth to work. When she received a Wheelz2Work vehicle, she was overwhelmed.
“I love it,” she said. “I’m so, so happy to have my own car with my own insurance and not have to worry about how I’m getting to and from work every day.”
Donors who would like to contribute a vehicle should contact Albillar at or 215-345-8175 x209. BCOC can provide contact information for approved Bucks County mechanics that can assess the car’s condition and determine if it can be accepted.
BBack Car Care in Doylestown Township has been very supportive of Wheelz2Work, Albillar noted.
If the vehicle is accepted, the owner will receive documents regarding its fair market value and its Kelley Blue Book value. The owner will receive the net highest tax deduction, said BCOC.
For those without a car to donate, cash donations are always welcome and needed to help defer the cost of title transfers, inspections and repairs, as well as emergency repair kits, according to the agency.